Boobs Will Get You Kicked from a Canucks Game

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In the ever great country of Canada, there’s things we seem to enjoy…in no specific order: Tim Hortons, hockey, beer, and boobs.

The flashing occurred in the third period when, with 2:33 left, San Jose Shark Ben Eager skated to the penalty box for his fourth penalty of the night. Usually the spot beside the penalty box is filled with the Green Men who enjoy doing handstands/presing themselves up to the glass. All in good spirit of course. Though they were absent that night and instead a woman decided that when the camera showed the penalty box she’d lift up her shirt and press her breasts against the glass. She did this for a whole five seconds, which may not seem like much but it was six seconds of pure uncensored fun for every Canadian watching the game on CBC, since they have a no delay telecast of their games.

This was apparently not seen in any of the US broadcasts, though. The woman was evicted from the game and it’s not clear if she’ll face any charges.

You can see the video below (censored for your precious eyes), though there’s no face to go with the pair so it’s your call on whether she’s attractive or not.


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