Ryan Thomason

Boeing Wants to Put YOU in Space.

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So Boeing is now taking flight to the next level, space by 2015! Sorry, no Jumbo 747 type of air crafts here. The Crew Space Transportation-100 (CST-100) spacecraft, expected to be operational by 2015, the company said Wednesday. Yup, that’s a strap in and ride a giant bottle rocket trip into the space.

Extra seats on the CST-100 will be available to private individuals, companies and nongovernmental organizations.

The CST-100 can carry seven people on missions up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) above the Earth’s surface. It will deploy from different kinds of launch vehicles and fall back to Earth with the help of parachutes. It’s being developed under an $18 million contract with NASA.

Boeing doesn’t know how many space bucks it will cost you to get in on a ride, or if you’ll need a Multipass. Just like when airplane travel first became the thing, it’s gonna cost you, a lot. So it’ll be way beyond 2015 when us normal people with mediocre incomes can hop on a flight.

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