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Bob Came in Pieces is “Pay What You Want” for the Next 24 Hours

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You better hurry, because you only have 24 hours to jump on this incredible deal!

For a minimum price of two dollars, you can get your hands on Bob + FantomenK: The Swedish Bundle of Joy, a bundle featuring not only amazing Ludosity game Bob Came in Pieces, but The Massacre, a sick ass chiptunes LP from FantomenK. Both groups have provided additional bonus content for supporters, so even if you already own both, you’ll have a reason to buy again. The included bonuses are:

– 6 original unreleased tracks from FantomenK
– Original Bob Concept Art
– Commentary from Bob Came in Pieces creator, Joel Nyström

If support gets up to 15,000 people, you will additionally receive a bonus Bob level scored by FantomenK, so get your friends on this!

Snag your copy here!

Need further encouragement? Direct your mouse to the following video:

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