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Blue Exorcist Anime This Week

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I did the review for the first volume of the manga…which barely hit the United States a little over 2 weeks ago, and I quite enjoyed it. But now, I’ll be able to see just how what I played through in my mind translates into an actual anime series.

This week, tomorrow in fact, VIZ Media will begin airing some of the freshest anime you could hope for. The series for Blue Exorcist has just begun being shown in Japan on the 17th of this month, and we’ll get our grubby and chubby Amerikajin hands on it by the 20th, with new episodes set to be shown every Wednesday.

The series, if you didn’t know already follows two brothers as they attend a special school that teaches them how to become exorcists. The big plot twist is that the older of the two siblings is the son of Satan with demonic powers to match that of Lucifer himself…except he fights for good rather than evil.

The series was headed by the capable staff at Aniplex, so we’re sure to see some great visual effects and some top notch animation as we follow our two wannabe exorcists along their journey.

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