Alan Smithee

Blue Beetle TV Series in the Works?

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right before he gets capped in the head

Really DC, you’re going to try and turn the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle into a live-action TV show? Good luck with that…

I’m only being a dick because I refuse to recognize any Blue Beetle outside of Ted Kord (RIP). The guys from Warner and DCE have filmed a screen test of Jaime tranforming into the Blue Beetle and will be toting it with them to every trade show they can in the hopes that someone will want to pick it up for a series.

Luckily the guys at DC aren’t being stingy with production stills. Let us know what you think of this as. I personally don’t think it’ll ever get off the ground, there’s just too much stigma with anything insect related (i.e.: The Tick, Spider-man, Beetleborgs) for it to be taken seriously. Maybe they’ll at least find a place for him in Smallville.

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