Bloodstone 007: Well, I’m looking forward to it!

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Call me strange, but when I first saw this footage of Bizarre’s 007 game that we’ve known about for a long time, I didn’t write it off like I imagine most people have. I mean I should be doing so really. If you watch the demo above, you can see that it is split into clear sections. You have a third person section that looks like it was ripped out of Splinter Cell: Conviction, a boat chase which OK, I guess isn’t anything standard as such. After that you have a bit of a shooting system resembling Gears of War and to top it off a driving chase that could be taken out of a new Project Gotham Racing game (Which of course, isn’t surprising considering Bizarre are creating the game).

I struggle to see what’s so bad about this mish mash of different bits of other games though. Sure this is just a demo and for all we know it could control terribly, but it at least looks like it’s worth having some slight interest in because what they’ve shown looks quite fun and Bizarre have a pretty good track record.

Then again, I enjoyed The Bourne Conspiracy and Quantum of Solace despite their apparent flaws, so maybe I’m just weird. Also, I probably wouldn’t give it a second look if it wasn’t a Bond game. And Daniel Craiglicious.

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