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Blood Lad: Check Out the Newly Dubbed Series from Viz and Hulu

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Everyone knows about vampires. Dark creatures that lurk in the shadows, waiting silently for their victims to cross their path. Blood sucking monsters of the night! Well, most of them anyway. Blood Lad is about a different type of vampire.


In Blood Lad, Staz is a vampire that loves anime. A true Otaku at heart, this creature of the night, would rather play video games and watch anime than stalk the nights for blood. Obsessed with anything from the human world, Staz is ecstatic when a human girl stumbles into his domain. Until a giant monster eats her up. Poor young Fuyumi has died and became a ghost and the vampire has no interests in ghosts. Even though his feelings towards her as a ghost have simmered, Staz promises to return her to her body–by any means necessary.

“A nerdy vampire’s obsession with the human world collides with a girl that becomes lost in the demon world after wandering into a portal that suddenly opens in her bedroom, and the stage is set for plenty of thrilling supernatural action and laugh out loud comedic hijinks,” says Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager, Animation Marketing. “Anime fans will not want to miss this special premiere of BLOOD LAD, which features an amazing English dub cast including Bryce Papenbrook and Xanthe Huynh in the lead characters’ roles and supported by other top voice talents including Cristina Vee, Wendy Lee, Johnny Yong Bosch and Kyle Hebert. “

It’s great to see the nerd vampires finally getting some recognition! Not all living undead are the suave and sometimes sparkly creatures that the media so often portrays. Viz Media’s Neon Alley and Hulu have the entire 10 episode series, with a brand new English dub! Also catch the manga the anime was based off of in September. A comical sounding story and unique look on the supernatural community, Blood Lad is sounding like good time.

Check out the trailer on Hulu! Or watch it on YouTube:

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