Alan Smithee

Blomkamp’s Next Title is Chappie

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img-die-antwoord-6_12550734691As if the director could make anything other than excellent science fiction.

Sony Pictures has just announced that his next movie “Chappie” will be shot in the fall and will star the two members of Die Antwoord (Ninja and Yolandi Visser) and Sharlto Copley. That’s a ton of South African talent right there. Chappie will be about a A.I. infused robot that is stolen by a couple of gangsters who want to use him/it for their own purposes. I’ve got my fingers crossed that those gangsters are none other than our Zef dynamic duo.

Blomkamp has been enjoying some serious limelight with his recent success with Elysium and his past success with District 9 is easily one of the best pieces of sci-fi in recent memory.

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