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Blackout #1 : He’s Everywhere… and Nowhere—Plus King Tiger #1 Bonus Comic

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24172Blackout #1

A superpower suit that lets you cross dimensions, a missing friend and colleague, and one guy stuck in the middle of it all. Scott Travers’ day is going to go from bad to worse, faster than you can cross a cold, desolate dimension.

Writer: Frank Barbiere

Artist: Colin Lorimer

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: March 26th, 2014

Blackout #1 (Micah Kaneshiro cover) – $2.69
Retail Price: $2.99
You Save: $0.30

Scott Travers has awoken from a fourteen hour nightmare, with a suit that gives him special powers, stuffed into a box next to him. The suit gives him the ability to travel through a parallel shadow dimension, but his nightmare is more like a memory. A memory so terrifying that Scott decides never to wear this mysterious suit again and washes his hands of the whole business. That is until he needs it to look for clues in a man’s disappearance; a man that has been like a father figure to him. Braving the cold and quiet alternate dimension, and dodging his equally cold boss, Scott puts the mysterious Blackout suit on once again.

In the opening, I felt like there should’ve been an issue before this one. That the reader should have already been introduced key information. I worry about what I may or may not be missing from the story and that I might not see what’s right in front of my face, then end up having to read the whole thing again. The second time around was very enjoyable though. An excellent Sci-Fi story complete with strange dimensions, secret government agencies, and full of mysteries Scott and the reader will unravel in issues to come.

Bonus! King Tiger #1

Writer:Randy Stradley

Artist: Doug Wheatley

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: March 26th, 2014

Milo Sturges is a US Veteran who has seen his fair share of terror and war in Afghanistan. Wandering the desert, he is picked up by a man on his way to see King Tiger; a mystic who lives secluded in the desert. Since we only got a few pages, it’s unclear if Milo will be a main character in the story or just a passing client, he is an intriguing character nonetheless. It gives the reader a glimpse into the world of our military veterans, and how their injuries, both mental and physical, toll on them. Is King Tiger truly what he claims to be? Can he help Milo with his “baggage” or will he be forced to continue to wander this world in pain and suffering?  Even though we only see him for a few panels, I’m hopeful King Tiger will be an amazing, badass character who uses his mystical powers to fight equally badass monsters!

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