Sarah Eitelberg

Black Widow #1

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black-widow-01Story: Nathan Edmondson

Art: Phil Noto

Publisher: Marvel

Price: 3.99$

Release: January 8th , 2014

Everything I know about Black Widow was what I’ saw in the Marvel movies, which isn’t really much. She’s a spy, a redhead, an Avenger, and Russian. She can also take down three guys while she’s tied to a chair. Needless to say I like her, and not because I have a weird infatuation with bad ass redheads, that’s just an added perk.

When news came out that the lovely Natasha would get a new solo run I was pumped! Our mysterious S.H.E.I.L.D. agent is going to be revealed! We’ll get to know how she became a spy and an agent! Back story! Glorious back story — or so I thought. Nathan Edmondson keeps our deadly redhead mysterious, giving us tiny teasers of information, but is it real or just another cover? Frustratingly elusive, we don’t quite get a straight answer… yet! Phil Noto’s art style keeps the whole feel of the comic “no nonsense,” and “straight to business.” Much like our favorite spy. I love the almost monochromatic color scheme, makes the whole comic seem quiet and still. Perfect for Black Widow to sneak in for her prey.

I’m looking forward to if we get to see what Natasha Romanoff’s story will reveal. I hope to find out what motivates her, and what caused the need for redemption in her eyes. Mostly, I’m looking forward to seeing her beat the crap out of bad guys in her quiet, and gracefully deadly style.

5 out of 5 sleep darts on this one!

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