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Black Canary and Zatanna, Bloodspell – Not all magic and fishnets

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Black Canary and Zatanna, Team fishnets all the way


Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell
Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: Joe Quinones
Colorist: Dave McCraig
Publisher: DC Comics

High atop the Himalayan mountains two young girls meet for the first time. One is a young unsure magician having what she describes as a sort of magical bat mitzvah, the other a tough pushy girl proving her worth to mostly herself.  Two girls from completely different worlds form a friendship that will last well into their adult lives. Their lives as Zatanna and Black Canary of the Justice League.

Black Canary once infiltrated an all female gang for a large Vegas heist by a slightly unhinged woman who was highly skilled at hand to hand combat and the occult. Once in she turned the gang against their leader and foiled the heist. The gang leader, Tina Spettro, choose to end her life rather than be captured, but not before vowing revenge on those who wronged her. Now, one year later Canary is watching her former gang members take their own lives one by one. Suspecting something a little too “Bewitched” for her league she calls upon the great magician and her good friend Zatanna. With the deadly martial arts skills of Black Canary and the powerful magic of Zatanna, this team up may be the greatest thing since, well ever!

Paul Dini and Joe Quinones did such an amazing job with these girls, I feel their character designs and friendship were absolutely perfect. With flashbacks through out the book you get to see how these two grew to become the famous Justice League heroines and also a look into their relationship through out the years. From their first meeting, to Zatanna’s awkward first day as a member of the Justice League, to their present bad ass selves, these two are such a refreshing take on female comic book characters. Black Canary’s shorter and stockier stature fits more with her tough girl, sass me again and I’ll kick your teeth in attitude, that I’ve always felt was lacking in the more tall and willowy renditions of her. The little peaks of her and Green Arrow’s relationship were also a lot of fun and but short enough not to take away from the her story. While Canary is a little more buisness and justice, Zatanna is more fun and well, kind of dork. The taller magician maybe more inclined to showmanship and entertainment but will still zap you into a toad faster than you can figure out what she’s saying if you cause trouble. This is one of my favorite things I’ve read this year! My only complaint this isn’t an ongoing series, because I’d be the first one in line every month for this!

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