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BioWare says Mass Effect 30 FPS Locked

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mass effect 2 landscape

The chaps over at VG247 sat down with BioWare’s Jesse Houston (an associate producer) and had an enlightening interview to say the least, most importantly to me is the one little detail about Mass Effect 2 that he dropped, which had me dancing a little jig at my desk this morning.

He told them that the game will run at a solid and locked 30 frames-per-second, which is none too shabby considering the amount of detail and texture that the game seems to contain. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first game and thought it was beautiful…but this game looks to squash all those notions I had about the first.

“If you look at most good shooters, they lock down frame-rate at 30FPS: we’ve done the same thing. Bam. Everything’s 30FPS, streaming is fixed up. If you remember in Mass 1, if you took a step backwards and you hit a weird stream and it’d pause for a moment. We’ve done a away with that.”

I’m glad that everything will be running smoother for the new Mass Effect, but I really hope that they address two of the game’s other gripes that I had.

The first being the lengthy elevator rides, they know this was a huge pain for many gamers, but they at least tried to keep it light by having conversations between NPCs while riding it.

The second happened a few times, but was never really that much of a game breaker…the texture drop-in, which would have you looking at a smooth model of a character only to have the bump-mapped textures pop up mid-conversation. This should never happen coming from a studio with BioWare’s pedigree.

Even if they don’t fix either one of my gripes, I’m sure I’ll be spending a good part of next year playing and replaying this game…I just love this series more than you guys will ever know. The game will have a simultaneous launch on PC and 360 sometime next year.

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