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BioWare says Dragon Age has over 120 hours of gameplay

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dragon age

You can learn a ton about this industry when you pay attention to what people say during industry shows…like how last week, the studio chief for BioWare let it slip how long he’s been playing Dragon Age: Origins.

Mr. Ray Murzyka has beem playing playing Dragon Age for the past 60 days for a minimum of 2 hours a day…doing the maths involved there, that’s 120 hours of gameplay that equates to 5 whole days of life lost playing one game…that’s fucking amazing, considering that he’s only sitting at 90% completion.

He attributes this boon of gameplay in one game to the fact that his wife goes to bed before he does.

“On one of the play-throughs I spent 120 hours, two hours a day for 60 days, 90 percent of the game, according to the telemetry. And I loved it. Every minute of it. I couldn’t wait to come home, after about ten hours of gameplay, every day I was talking about coming home and I played it for two or three hours, or whatever time I had free, and play it to the early hours. Luckily I don’t sleep as much as my wife. I’d stay up till after midnight and play it after she was asleep.”

So in other words, MediaWhoreNetwork will be suffering when this game hits the shelves this November…but, $0.50 per hour of gameplay makes this game completely worth it in my opinion.

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