Bioshock Movie gets New Director

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Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has stepped into Gore Verbinski’s shoes to direct the big screen adaptation of Bioshock.  If you didn’t already know Universal halted production on the film in April and started to look at filming outside of the US to try and lower the ballooning budget, unfortunately this meant that Gore Verbinski was hesitant to commit to spending too much time overseas because of his own schedule.

“The bottom line is it has to shoot out of the States for budget reasons and my schedule may be prohibitive. There’s a great script and a really interesting cast. It really comes down to the financial model now. Big movies are just not being shot in the States. I’m weighing whether I can physically go the U.K. or Australia or one of those other places with a tax rebate for a year-and-a-half.”

Well it looks like Verbinski has completely backed away from directing the project and will now only produce the film whilst Fresnadillo has jumped into the directors chair.  Fresnadillo is  most famous for directing the film 28 Weeks Later, a film I enjoyed but I know a lot of people didn’t.  What surprises me is that Universal didn’t offer the film to Guillermo Del Toro who has been outspoken for a number of years on his love for the game, I’d love to see what he could have done with the property after seeing Hellboy 2 and Pans Labyrinth I’m sure he would have made Rapture look like a living, breathing place.

I think Fresnadillo could make a visually interesting film but what concerns me is the probable drop in budget that the film will see because it no longer has a big name director attached to it, which will mean more green screen effects rather than actual physical sets and I think that’s what Rapture needs to make it feel like a real, lived in place.  This is also Fresnadillos fourth feature film so the studio are going to exert a lot more control over him to get the movie that they want, which probably means bad news for gamers.

I was intrigued to see what a big screen Bioshock movie could look like but I guess I’ll just write this one off as another bad idea.

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