Bioshock Infinite Trailer!!!

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I loves me some Bioshock, and Bioshock 2 was ok, but this, this looks damn good…

Bioshock Infinite looks to set up a new status quo after Bioshock 2 by eschewing the reason people fell in love with the series in the first place, The Underwater City of Rapture. The Trailer presents a bright contrast to the watery “Utopia” in the fact that the new location, dubbed Columbia, will be bright, sunny, and most interestingly in the sky.

That’s not the only difference folks, Columbia has a very strong American theme, which for those of you who knew Rapture is a complete flip.

Oddly enough Bioshock Infinite will be a prequel, which raises all sorts of questions about the mythology, namely…why the heck can people use plasmids when Adam hasn’t been discovered yet?

I’m sure all things will be answered in time, or be buried under a mountain of retcons.

The trailer vaguely shows off the new form of (or old form if it’s a prequel) Big Daddy who apparently has a very visible Kang-like heart on his chest (50 bucks says it’s the character’s weak point), and the character appears to be more machine than man now.

The Pre-Daddy seems to be shrouded in some mystery, and who knows when we will get more information. Unlike his deep sea cousin he seems to be more interested in grown women than little sisters, and it will be interesting to see the varied dynamic.

You should note that Bioshock Infinite is being developed by Irrational Games, formerly known as 2k Boston (aka the developers of the first Bioshock). I wonder if Irrational and 2k Marin (Developers of Bioshock 2) will have an Infinity Ward / Treyarch type relationship alternating titles. Supposedly there is a plan for 6 Bioshock titles overall, so having alternating studios would help achieve that goal. But, without any evidence, I won’t pursue it any further at this point.

Bioshock Infinite takes to the sky in 2012.

*This has gotten me excited about Bioshock again
*If you’re antsy for more Bioshock sooner than 2012, just get the new xcom remake, they seriously look like the same game…
*I’ve always loved the music for these games.

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