Bioshock 2 has a release date

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Without a doubt, Bioshock 2 was one of my most anticipated titles of 2009. Bioshock redefined what a first-person shooter could be to me, and is easily one of my favorite current-gen titles. And while I feel that Bioshock was a complete experience in and of itself, and didn’t really warrant a sequel, I trusted 2K Marin to make a deserving sequel. So, needless to say, when I heard that Bioshock 2 was pushed back to a 2010 release date, I was not a very happy dude. However, there’s not much you or I can do about it, so I resigned myself to waiting.

Today 2K Games has let me know just how long I will be waiting. I will finally have my hands on Bioshock 2 on February 9, 2010. And while it’s still longer than I would have liked, it could be a lot worse. Like that time Santa Claus delayed Christmas until the next year. I told him, “But Santa, we’re already supposed to have a Christmas next year anyway.” Then Santa just gave me the finger. Damn Santa can be a dick sometimes.

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