Alan Smithee

Bioshock 2 Aspect Ratio Woes

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there's an angel over here mr b!

Many of you may remember that when the first Bioshock came out, that the game was awesome, but there was a serious problem with the PC version…regarding an el-cheapo method that 2K made wide-screen on the PC.

It’s happening again, instead of giving the players a true 16:9 aspect screenview, they’re taking a 4:3 and clipping off the top and the bottom. This may seem like something trivial, but if you think about it…you’d be seeing more action if you had just a standard aspect ratio monitor for your gaming pc.

At least they’re planning on fixing it. I just find it inexcusable that they’d make the same damned mistake twice. Way to go guys, nice to know that you have such warm, fuzzy feelings for the PC gamers of the world, now if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got Bioshock 2 to play on a 1080p 52″ TV.

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