Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities #1

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Billy the Kid is back! “Billy” first appeared in 2005 for a four-issue story arc written by Eric Powell and art by Kyle Hotz and published by Dark Horse. Powell and Hotz have joined forces once again to bring us “Billy the Kid’s Old Time Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London.”, a new four-issue arc.

In the previous series, after faking his own death Billy is convinced to join Sproule’s Biological Curiosities, a vaudeville/freak show. In this issue, Billy and Sproule’s Biological Curiosities have come to London as Jack the Ripper stalks the streets. Billy and company have been asked by the Elephant Man to investigate the murders. Through a series of unforeseeable happenstance, the issue ends with Billy being arrested as the Ripper.

I find the story and the characters charming, Billy is well written, as the unlikable rogue that you know will come through in the end; he is surrounded by a highly entertaining supporting cast. The art work itself reminds me of “Living Dead Dolls” in the sense that it is adorable and yet disturbing at the same time. The depiction of Joseph Merrick was beautiful and grotesque.

As the cover states, this book is three hundred and ninety-nine pennies.

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