Evan Burkey

Bill Cosby App Launches On Apple And Android

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How did I live in a world without a mobile app that tracks Bill Cosby and everything he does? This is easily the best app since Angry Birds… or at least that Auto-tune thingy. Check out the video from the man himself to see just everything this shining example of mobile software can do.

Ok, so I’ll admit, this whole post is mainly an excuse for me to post a video of Bill Cosby talking about his app, because the man makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons. But seriously, if you’re a fan of all things Cosby, then this app lets you basically stalk his online presence. The app links to his Facebook, Twitter, and every other social network the greatest Pokemon master uses. It also lets you watch videos and see his stand-up schedule. Yeah, I had no idea he still does stand-up at 73… what a beast.

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