BigPopa’s Weekend Anthem: Superbowl Edition

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Am I the only one looking forward to this sunday? I have heard several people I know act like they hate the Superbowl or something. I mean, it is only the most watched event on TV every year. It’s only the most popular sport in America after all (and screw you NASCAR fans). Anyways, I know I have big weekend plans. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I have something special planned for all of you so keep your eyes open and check us out again tomorrow.

All my anthems this weekend are sports movie related so if you don’t like sports movies, than you won’t like these. For the other 99% of you, enjoy my selections.

Here Comes the Boom by Nelly – The Longest Yard

I happen to love the remade version of The Longest Yard. This song always gets me pumped up for whatever I’m about to do. Call me strange or stupid, but I like it.
There’s a few more after the jump.

Game of Inches speech – Any Given Sunday

One of the best speeches to be uttered in a sports movie, without a doubt. Any Given Sunday was a great film and, to me, came the closest to representing the NFL in all it’s glory and ugliness.

My Hero (Foo Fighters) – Varsity Blues

This was the big theme song for Varsity Blues. If you don’t remember this scene, go find it on youtube.

And of course who could forget the classic from Rocky?

Eye of the Tiger(the Outsiders) – Rocky

We Will Rock You (Queen) – The Mighty Ducks

A timeless classic, and I’m not talking about just the song. Who doesn’t have fun memories of watching those Might Ducks skate around and do impossible things in a hockey game. Ah, the good times of Disney movies.

Your Hand in Mine(Explosions in the Sky) – Friday Night Lights

And finally, a little old school to end this week’s post. I love me some Remember the Titans. Hope you do too.

Have a good weekend guys. Go CARDS!!! I’m out.

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