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Big Trouble in Little China #1: The Return of Jack Burton

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I really enjoyed the first issue of this series. I’ve been a big fan of Big Trouble in Little China, since I was a kid. I’ve always dug Kurt Russel flicks because he’s comfortable in front of the camera, and makes it fun to watch, and the Jack Burton character is a laughable tough-guy. So, naturally, when I saw this title on the shelf I was pretty curious, and happy to see I had a chance to review it!


Big Trouble in Little China #1
Story: John Carpenter & Eric Powell
Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release date: June 4, 2014

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The story moves along without any hangups, giving us old and new characters alike, and creates a new ally out of an old enemy. It was nice to read something that was meant to be funny and a whimsical for a change. Comics these days can tend to be a bit overly dramatic and serious, so having a character like Jack Burton to read about, is a breath of fresh air. Before reading it, I didn’t expect anything but a fun time, and I wasn’t disappointed. The book takes you on a new adventure that starts where the movie left off, with Jack on the road again, but having to return to San Francisco with the stowaway–the reason for his return. Brian Churilla’s artwork was good, and portrayed Jack’s cleft chin nicely. The flying kung-fu foot angle’s are enjoyable and the action felt very hollywood. Thumbs up! Wang didn’t really look like Wang, but Egg and Jack were recognizable, as was the demon minion of Lo Pan. So, Wang having a Sean Penn nose was no biggie.

Big Trouble In Little China #1 was like the first 15 minutes of the sequel Hollywood will never make. (I wish they would make it, but this series is the next best thing.) It seems this series will be our sequel for all intents and purposes. After noticing that John Carpenter wrote this in conjunction with Eric Powell, I assume it’s intended as a comicbook adaptation of a screen-play that’s been sitting for years. So, why not just get the story out there and into people’s hands, right? Well, whatever the reason, I’m glad they did it! Let’s just hope the series wraps up nicely, and doesn’t try to drag on for a few years, tarnishing the characters rep in the process. I look forward to seeing some more of Jack Burton talking the talk, but letting someone else walk the walk, so to speak.  Let good ol’ Jack Burton tell you how it is!  Get your own copy of Big Trouble In Little China #1 from Things From Another World.

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