Big Rich Texas: Season 1 Finale and Interview with Bonnie

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The show centers on five women and their daughters (in one case a goddaughter) and their lives in Texas. I love the big houses, big personalities, and big fights! Last night was the season finale and it included a big fight between Pam and Leslie at Leslie’s housewarming party. The questions about Leslies finances and who she really is finally came to a head. Pam attacks Leslie after confronting Bonnie and pretending that she is worried about Bonnie because she is friends with Leslie. Those fellow BRT fans definitely know Pam would never care about Bonnie. While Pam was up to no good as usual throughout the episode the really despicable behavior came from Leslie’s cousin Connie. Connie, who is pissed that Leslie has supposedly been dating her ex-husband allows herself to be recruited into Pam’s “Lets hate Leslie and Bonnie club” and goes to Seattle to “discover the truth” about Leslie. Connie even tells Pam, “Leslie may not even be my cousin.” Connie then shares that she is meeting with family members about Leslie to apparently decide if they are indeed related. Wow. And if that is not enough Pam also interrogates Tyler, Leslies son about where he lives in Washington, going so far as to ask him what street he lives on. Pretty much unbelievable behavior from adult women but this is what a person can expect while watching BRT. There are many bright spots of this show unfortunately they were not really highlighted last night. Bonnie, who I am convinced is the best part of this show, was not really involved in the storyline as much as she typically is. This was a letdown for me but I am sure that Bonnie enjoyed not being attacked by Pam for once. The season ended with Pam storming out of the party and Leslie announcing that she is now a partner in the country club they all belong to. I was annoyed that there wasn’t any information about what the women are doing now which means I have to wait and hope there is a second season! I need to know what happens!

I was lucky to have the opportunity to interview Bonnie. We discussed everything from her favorite moments this season to what she really thinks of Pam.

Bonnie is the wildly popular mother of Whitney and the lady who likes to have a good time. She is smart, (she holds a PhD in Biology! Take that haters!) friendly, and funny. Case in point, when I asked her what her favorite moment this season was she instantly said “laughing at herself” in the first episode for drinking so much. She said she had so much to drink she didn’t even know what she was saying. I told her everyone has had that experience hers was just caught on film! Something I just had to ask about was the situation between Pam and Bonnie. When asked what their relationship is like when the cameras aren’t rolling Bonnie said, “worse, ten times worse.” From some of the scenes the two have shared this past season I am inclined to believe that. You would be hard pressed to find a scene where Bonnie and Pam are not fighting. I was very interested in Bonnie’s perspective on just what Pam’s problem is with her. Bonnie’s response was that “Pam is jealous. She doesn’t like anyone to compete with her.” She also mentioned the fact that she is younger and better educated than Pam. The conversation got really juicy when Bonnie called Pam “Cruella de Ville.” Apparently Pams mean tactics have even cost the show viewers including some of Bonnies own family, “my brother won’t let my nieces watch the show because she (Pam) is so mean.”

We also touched on some of the message boards and what they have been saying about Bonnie and Whitney. While many viewers love the twosome, some have expressed concerns about Bonnies parenting skills. I for one love the relationship between the mother and daughter. Whitney is 23 and not a child. She doesn’t need someone telling her what to do all the time (unlike Hannah and her controlling mother). Bonnie’s response to the critics was that parenting is different for every child. She openly admits to being Whitney’s friend now because she is older. Bonnie said that the show has brought them closer together.

My interview with Bonnie was a wonderful experience and I hope to see many more seasons of Big Rich Texas. Talking with Bonnie has made me an even bigger fan of the show and I can’t wait for whatever happens next with all the ladies.

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