Big Popa’s Weekend Anthem: Street Fighting Edition

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So after a couple week hiatus, Weekend Anthem is back and ready to go again. I picked these videos for one reason, and one reason only….I’m obsessed with Street Fighter 4. Yeah, you heard me. If you have been listening to RLR, you’ll know I haven’t really been interested in the game but some friends convinced me to pick it up. I have grown a love/hate relationship with the game. I love playing it with friends but I hate all the people better than me. Guess I’ll just need to hire a korean kid to be me and kick ass while I reap all the respect and rewards and I pay Yu in rice and dumplings.

On to the anthems.

Indestructible – Street Fighter 4 OST

This is what you get when you get when you combine boy-band singing with slightly metal guitars….which I guess could be classified as classic boy band music. But anyways. I hated this song at first but damn it if it isn’t growing on me. I guess I’ll just have to go ahead and admit one of my deepest secrets……I like the backstreet boys.

Fight to Survive – Bloodsport

Come on. You can’t go wrong with this song but the infamous Stan Bush. You don’t know who Stan Bush is? Well neither do I but I like the movie.

Say My Name – Eminem, Xzibit, Nate Dogg

So I know this song isn’t on any actual movie but I enjoy the attitude. It’s all about ‘playing the game’ which is life and death in the song. Perfect for attempting to kick some Ken ass online.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor(Rocky, all of them)

Obviously you can’t have a street fighting themed list without adding this one to it. I mean, c’mon, Rocky is the ultimate street fighter. He’s like Balrog without all the annoying blackness and slobbering.

So that’s it from me. I’m headed to the ATL this weekend for some durtee south partying. But now I have a mission for all of you. I want you to go out and pick a fight with a total stranger….WHO’S A WOMAN!! King might have a shot of improving his record from 1-6 to 2-48 (I was drunk when he got the first win. Sue me).

Enjoy your weekend!!! I’m out.

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