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Big Changes for GI JOE at IDW Publishing

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The times are a changin for the comic book world of GI Joe and Cobra, IDW gave WatchPlayRead a front seat on the happenings, and now we can finally tell you what is going down.

If you didn’t know *Spoiler* Cobra Commander was killed in this week’s G.I. JOE: COBRA #12. That is the launching point of what will be a new era for the JOE comics at IDW.

Here are the first two that will be coming your way starting in April:

  • G.I. JOE: COBRA CIVIL WAR #0. What, did you think that the new process of picking who is going to take over as Cobra Commander was going to be easy? In a nutshell they told us that whomever kills the most Joes, and back stabs their way to the top will get the job. These are terrorist people, they’ll do anything for power, and damn it, it is going to be outright cool.
  • G.I. JOE COBRA COMMANDER TRIBUTE. I think that kinda explains itself, or, I can’t remember much from what they said because I lost my notes. It’s going to be fun though, that much I DO remember.

After that, you’ll have to wait till May when everything kick starts again with three new series featuring: COBRA, G.I. JOE and SNAKE EYES. Yes, Snake Eyes is getting his own comic, and if you look at the gallery below, he’s going to straight up kick some ass, which is what we all expect of the character.

That’s the short version of what is going on, stay tuned as we get to review some of them before they hit the shelves and these are definitely going to be something you want to put in your hold.

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