Alan Smithee

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Survives Ubisoft Restructuring

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The fine messieurs at Ubisoft went through a bit of a ‘restructuring’ recently in which several projects that were on the back burners were cancelled.

Lucky for us, Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t one such project that got swept into the dust bin. In fact, both Beyond Good & Evil 2 AND I Am Alive are still quite ‘in-development’…however we still don’t know when they’ll finally be in our sweating and eager hands. It seems that all of the cancelled projects were all unannounced titles, which makes me fell A-OK.

I’ve really been looking forward to the release of the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil for some time now, seeing how they announced it at Ubidays 2008. As for I Am Alive, I really enjoyed the premise of being a disaster survivor looking for a lost loved one in a completely ravished Chicago.

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