Bestselling Novel House of Night Makes it’s Comic Debut – Mini Review

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Mix three parts Harry Potter with two parts Twilight and a mix of Horseland (yes the Saturday morning cartoon, what? I have kids) and you get House of Night. A story of a young girl who has found out she’s a vampyre (their spelling, not mine) and been sent to learn at Hogwa…I mean the House of Night, a school for vampyres. Poking fun aside, the comic, which is based on the bestselling series of novels by PC and Kristin Cast, actually does a good job of throwing you right in the middle of the world and the characters.

Not being familiar with the books or the characters the House of Night was completely new to me. The story of high schooler Zoey Redbird and how she handles not just becoming a vampyre but also being thrust into a leadership role she doesn’t want. It’s filled with teen angst, magic, goddesses, fanciful tattoos and everything else that has likely made the books bestsellers. If you’re familiar with the books you will likely really enjoy the comic. If you’re like me and have never heard of the books before it makes for a good introduction to the series.



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