Ryan Wilson

Begun, The Cloud War Has

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Now that OnLive has removed its albatross of subscription fees, it’s time for the much-discussed cloud gaming competition to step up. Today, Gaikai stepped up to the plate, revealing that their service would go live before the end of the year. CEO David Perry, of Earthworm Jim and MDK fame, stated that Gaikai would be in homes “at some point in December, probably mid-December” and will not have an invitational beta period. The moment it launches, anyone with a computer and an internet connection will be able to access the service.

While Gaikai also doesn’t rely on a paid subscription, what sets it apart from its competitor is in the software. Simply put, it doesn’t require anything that most modern systems don’t already have installed, such as Java, Flash, and Silverlight (ok, if you aren’t a Netflix subscriber, you may need to install this one). Also, publishers are publishers are allowed to use the technology to host demos or early test code without fear of loose, pirateable code.

OnLive proved to me that cloud gaming is entirely possible with current internet connection speeds. Let’s hope that Gaikai brings in a little friendly, beneficial competition.

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