Ryan Thomason

Beetlejuice 2? WHY!?

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This is just wrong on so many levels. Even if it WAS a Tim Burton movie.

The Michael Keaton starred Beetlejuice was a big hit, especially in my family, but it came out in 1988 and really doesnt need any more venturing into. It was solid in it’s own right, and the animated series was enough to keep the cash cow going while the fun was to be had.

KatzSmith Productions partners David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith signed a 2 year deal with Warner Brothers, and it seems they want to tackle Beetlejuice, which is being toted as a reboot, and not a remake. We’ll see about that. If you haven’t seen Winona Ryder recently, time hasn’t been kind to her, same goes for Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. So I don’t expect to see any of them in a so called “reboot”.

If it even comes to pass. At least until we know for sure, let’s all bitch and complain about this movie idea.


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