Sarah Eitelberg

Bee and Puppycat #1 temp space workers for hire

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Bee and Puppycat, space worker at their best, well kinda.


Writter: Natasha Allgri and Garrett Jackson
Artist: Natasha Allgri
Publisher: Kaboom!
Release Date: May14

Bee was just an ordinary, though not very employable, girl before Puppycat literally fell into her life. Puppycat a disgruntled magical temp worker cat, or maybe a dog, from space . The two team up and travel through space doing temp work for cash money. This comic carries on their “adventures” as Bee has another psychedelic and possibly prophetic dream. While in the dream she sleep walks and accidentally locks herself out of the apartment, in her embarrassing pajamas no less! With no other options Bee had Puppycat find them another space temp job so when they’re finished they will be transported back into her home. Which is a completely logical solution.

Bee and Puppycat originally were a short cartoon on Cartoon Hangover, a YouTube channel owned by Fredorator Studios. Through the magic that is Kickstarter Bee and Puppycat are now in comic form. (And nine more episodes!)  Drawn by original creator Natasha Allgri, this adorably bright and bubbly art style is light and fun. With just the right amount of whimsy, it to pays homage to the glory that is magical girls.  A bonus mini story by the delightful Madeleine Flores, “What Happened,” gives us a look at the consequences of Bee and Puppycat’s first mission together. For those of us who wondered what happened to the real Wallace, answers will be coming our way.

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