Ryan Wilson

Be Prepared for Nine inSANE Years

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Fresh off the announcement of his first video game, inSANE, Guillermo del Toro just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Not only will inSANE be hitting the shelves in a few years, but now we’ll be expecting inSANE 2 and 3!

Apparently, del Toro has signed on the new Lovecraftian horror title as a trilogy of games with film potential. If del Toro ever loses interest in the project (which he’s done all too often), THQ can continue on with the project without his consent (though he does retain film rights). Thankfully, THQ is in no rush to push the sequels, as each title has been given a three-year development cycle. For a cynical gamer like me, that is a welcome breath of fresh air from the sequel whoring the industry has gotten used to.

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