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BBC Announces The Living and the Dead

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BBC America and BBC One have announced a new original drama titled “The Living and the Dead” that is being written by the writers and co-creators of another famous British drama “Life on Mars”.

The series is slated for a 6 x 60′ timeslot and will take place in Somerset, England during 1888. The story follows that of England in its post-industrial revolution and a character named Nathan Appleby, a farmer who is obsessed with proving there is an afterlife.

We will follow Nathan on his investigations into hauntings and other paranormal events as they seem to be increasing and becoming more and more scary. Will the Society for Psychical Research drag Nathan into the ghastly world of the occult and will he be able to continue his work in the face of losing his sanity and family?

Casting hasn’t even begun yet, but the producers have slated sometime next year for shooting in West Country, England.

Color me interested.

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