Alan Smithee

Bayonetta, Another Casualty of 2009

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I’m sorry gamers, but it looks like we’ve lost another game that was meant for 2009 to that bastard of a year that has yet to come. It seems that Platinum Games and Sega have decided to put off the North America and Europe launch of their awesome brawler Bayonetta off until next year, around January.

Many of ther other developers who have delayed their games release until 2010 have also stated almost the exact position that Sega is taking about this game. They all seem to say that they want to find the “optimum release time in the Western Markets to maximize this exciting new title’s potential.”

Funny how Japan doesn’t need any optimization, it’s still slated to come out 29th of October.

This seems like a cool game, but will ultimately end up on my bargain bin gaming list.

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