Battlefield: Bad Company, an MWN review

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Looking at any game with the name Battlefield in it causes me to automatically steer clear. I have very bad memories of painful rapings in Battlefield 1942 and all of it’s expansions. But I do enjoy FPS’s and even more so when they have NOTHING to do with WWII. That being said, I was looking forward to the day when Battlefield: Bad Company arrived at my door from Gamefly. I had heard good things about this game, especially the banter back and forth from your squadmates.

So it arrived and I began my epic journey to see just how much of a corrupt American G.I. I could be. I mean, it’s got grenades with smiley faces on the pull pins and I’m after mercenary gold. Sounds like a good time right? You’ll have to hit the jump to find out.

You are Preston Marlowe, a newcomer to the “B” company. B company is affectionately known as Bad Company as all the army troublemakers eventually land there. Because they are the troublemakers of our armed forces, B company is often seen as just cannon fodder for the special forces. Marlowe is sent there for joyriding in a helicopter and damaging a General’s limousine. The squad he is placed in consists of two other fuck-ups, Private Terrance Sweetwater and Private George Haggard. Their Sergeant is Sam Redford, a volunteer to B Company, something that is extremely rare.

What starts out as any normal day for the ‘cannon fodder’ quickly becomes a very complicated and very different story than your usual military FPS. First, your squadmates aren’t exactly the most moral of people. Second, Haggard seems to be barely holding on to any semblance of sanity. When he goes AWOL and invades a neutral country to get after the mercenary gold, I laughed my ass off. “There’s gold in them dar hills!! Woooo!!”

So how was the actual game itself? Well I didn’t play the multiplayer part, so I can’t comment on that. But since all my memories of Battlefield multiplayer usually involved me taking a tank shell up the bum, I have my reasons.

Without a doubt the best part of the game is just the sounds. If you listen to yourself walking and then sprinting as well the sounds of the environment, you could lose yourself. Until Haggard’s voice starts talking again. It felt like all the work they did in the sound department to immerse the gamer into the game was lost because of the very people you were fighting with.

The combat was nice. You didn’t have to worry about switching guns because you only had one weapon at a time. Each weapon came with a secondary ability, like most rifles had grenade launchers, the machine guns had hand grenades and the sniper rifles had pistols. You also have a knife, which you will NEVER use I promise. Other than that, you also have a huge needle looking thing that heals you back to full health whenever you want as well as another secondary item; whether that is a RPG, power tool, dildo, whatever you need for the occasion.

The controls are simple and firing down the iron sights of your guns is simple a pleasure. The guns sound and fires realistically. Something not all FPS’s can brag about.

Combat is very hectic, especially since the wall you are hiding behind could be blown up at any minute by a RPG or mortar. The destructible environments were so much fun to just destroy that if anyone had wanted to find our squad, they just follow the trail of destruction. The world will become hazy if a explosive detonates near you, dust and smoke usually cover a battlefield, making it hard to distinguish the enemy. Also, dying isn’t really a problem, just an inconvenience since the game takes you back to the last check point and all the enemies you have killed remain dead.

Overall I enjoyed my time with BF:BC. It was a fun game that tried to put a little twist on the story aspect, but it’s nothing that will re-invent the genre.

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