Battlefield and Medal Of Honor to alternate each year

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, EA wants a piece of that money making pie that Activision has with Call of Duty. Both Medal Of Honor and Battlefield have attempted to fight the titan, but now they are joining together on a bi yearly release schedule. Danger Close and DICE, developers of MOH and Battlefield respectively, are now locked into a rotation cycle which means you’ll see a new Battlefield game this year, then a new Medal Of Honor next year and rinse and repeat until the Modern war shooter can be milked no more. The idea is that if both teams aren’t pressured into a yearly release cycle then that will give them time to build a better quality product, as well as take advantage of new technological advancements that are made.

So where does that leave the EA Studio Respawn, who are essentially the original core of Infinity Ward? Well their game will be going up against the game series that Bungie is producing for Activision. Rather than releasing during times of game onslaught, those games will come “opportunistic gaps” such as game droughts.

I guess war never changes, at least in video games.

Source: Develop

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