Alan Smithee

Battle Arena Toshinden Reboot for Wii

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Looks like the Wii just might become my new Dreamcast…It’ll be the system that I buy all of the obscure yet completely awesome fighting games for.

The powers that be at Tomy/Takara have decided that they want to bring Toshinden back from the dead. The cool thing is that they’re not bringing back the original teams that were responsible for the other BAT games, they’re bringing in the 3D fighting team Dream Factory to do all the heavy lifting.

While I’m a fan of the games that Dream Factory are famous/infamous for creating, their track record isn’t completely spotless. Take for instance the awesomeness that was the Tobal series and Ergheiz, then compare it to the almost universally panned The Bouncer (I happened to really enjoy the game). I guess the only thing that we here at MWN can say is caveat emptor (google it kids).

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