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Batmobile The Complete History: Book Review

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I crossed my fingers extra hard when a publisher gave me free reign to select anything they had and hope for the best there were review copies available. This was one of them. My Geekgasm was strong when I pulled this book out of the shipping box.

The Complete History of the Batmobile by Mark Cotta Vaz is just that, a pretty damn informative historical look into one of the most iconic superhero vehicles of all time. Hell, you can probably not be a comic book fan to recognize the Batmobile. I’ll be honest about one little fact in my love of The Batman, I know very little beyond the Millar Graphic Novels and Movies. While I’ve always been a sidline fan for Batman, even watching those campy ass old TV shows when I was young and in it then for the big sprawling words across the screen of someone getting punched in one form or another. So learning that the Batmobile was originally red, messed with my brain.

As I studied the book further, yes, I read this thing cover to cover. I learned more about this machine that has always captivated imaginations. This book has a heavy play of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies. A lot of the people who wax Batman knowledge, especially about the engineering and building of the various Batmobiles come from the current movie series. it’s not a bad thing though, I consider the Nolan movies some of the best Batman work to date, at least in the film version. 1950’s Batman show coming in a close second.

This is a book for those of you who like having that coffee table book to show off to your geek friends. Your friends WILL pick this book up and read it if you leave it laying about in your open living space. It’s hard to not look at that gorgeous cover and pick up the book to thumb through the pages. If you’re a fan of The Batman, you owe it to yourself to have their piece of history laying about. I’ve tripled my knowledge of Batman just reading this thing, so who knows what will come of it for you. If anything, you’ll have some a whole bunch of sweet ass pictures of the Batmobile to look at.

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