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Batman:The Court of Owls – Comic Arc Review

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With 73 years of crime fighting under his belt, does the old bat still have it with his first reboot story arc?

Spanning 7 issues, The Court of Owls is the first story arc for The New 52’s Batman. Unlike many reboots before it, The Court of Owls completely skips the overtold origin story and jumps right into the action. Not only that, but they introduced a brand new villain…and boy do they get it right!

The titular Court of Owls is a secret society hiding behind a Gotham City nursery rhyme that seems to have a vendetta towards the Wayne family, among other prolific members of Gotham. This ancient group of conspiracy makes for an interesting challenge for Batman, an entire family of Moriarties to Batman’s Holmes. Without spoiling too much, it was quite refreshing to see Bats at a disadvantage against a foe, using all of his resources to a level of near insanity in feeble attempts to subdue them. Brutality, thy name is Batman.

Honestly, I can’t wait to start Night of the Owls, a crossover arc spanning many of the new storylines, just to see how Batman can manage to survive this group. Even if your familiarity with the nocturnal detective spans only the live-action movies or the recent Rocksteady Studios games, you owe it to yourself to check of The Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls can be purchased in a single volume at your local comic book store, on Amazon, or as individual digital issues on Comixology

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