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Batman: Year One Animated Feature Casting

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I love DC’s animation studios because they make excellent features that are usually better than what we get from good ol’ Marvel and usually have a bit more depth than “I’m a mutant, derp derp”…and leading the charge for the DC banner is Batman, lovely, reliable Batman.

In the new animated feature, Batman: Year One, that will be premiering at SDCC this year, with a home release in the fall, we get to see the beginning times of The Dark Knight as he begins his life as The Bat. Oh and there’s some real nasty details with what James Gordon is doing behind his wife’s back.

Making the cast for this awesome picture will be Ben McKenzie as Bruce/Batman, Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon, Eliza Dushku as Catwoman/Selena Kyle, and my favorite…Katie Sackhoff will be playing the…sordid details that I wouldn’t want to spoil for you.

Regardless of whether you’re a batman fan or not, keep in mind that this story was originally written by Frank Miller so it should be worth at least ONE watch. If that’s not enough, seasoned animation creator Bruce Timm will be overseeing the entire project. NOW, you should be sold. I know I am.


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