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Batman vs Robin, a Bluray review

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batman vs robin

Batman vs Robin is essentially a continuation of the Son of Batman (our review of that is here) animated film that released in May of 2014. Damian is having issues adjusting to living with his dad, who happens to also be a single billionaire playboy. Damian is finding that it’s hard to turn off a life time of training by his grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul to be the worlds greatest assassin. Which Batman is kinda being a butt about. Essentially, Damian is battling with conflicting ideologies of how he had previously been raised, to living with your dad that is also Batman. Where you can’t kill everyone in sight because they’re bad-dudes.

Bluray Exlusive Features:

  • Gotham City’s Secret: The Mythic Court of Owls – Featurette
  • The Talons of the Owls – Featurette
  • Batman vs Robin Audio Commentary
  • From the DC Comics Vault – 4 Bonus cartoons
  • Sneak Peek at Justice League: Gods & Monsters

Synopsis: While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman’s no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls.

We get the first taste of Damian breaking out on his own after he’s driving the stolen Batmobile (if my dad was Batman, I would at least attempt this ONCE) as Damian is wearing the Robin costume in searching for lost orphans. Orphans that have been taken by the sadistic and seriously creepy Doll Maker. It’s been a while since something has creeped me out like the Doll Maker did. Though, The Doll Makers’ time is cut short when Talon, from the Court of Owls ends things with The Doll Maker…rather…grotesquely.


Here lies the second major storyline this movie is pushing through, the Court of Owls and their trying to secure their place as the secret major force in Gotham City. While I really, really liked this storyline, it somewhat felt like this was a movie that was more suited for either Court of Owls or Damian trying to find his own way in the world. Nightwing helps babysit Damian, and tries to let him see the reasoning and why Bruce Wayne is so strict. Damian wasn’t having any of that from Dick. These two storylines converging were alright, but I think the overall story would have benefited if they had focused more on The Court of Owls. It’s not that developing the Damian character isn’t important, it just seemed to make Batman less….Batman. He feels more like a morality police flashing a flashing as he locks up the strip mall than the guy that went toe to toe, all out ass-kicking against Superman.

It’s still a good film in it’s own right, well worth the price tag and addition to your DC Animation collection, but it just might not top out in your all time favorites list. The story development is nice, the action is spot on and really gets the far end of the PG-13 rating. Which I very much enjoy, maybe someday we’ll get an R rated WB Animation film from the DC Comic universe, someday.

Batman vs Robin is available Tuesday, April 14th! Make sure you pick it up, you can buy it on Amazon for $16.99

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A review copy was provided by The WB for review purposes.

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