Ryan Thomason

Batman Vs Bane Fight Pictures From the Set

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Check out Batman delivering PAIN, at least, it looks like he’s in pain, Batman that is, not Bane. Or he’s thinking happy thoughts, I can’t tell.

Christian Bale who plays Batman fights actor Tom Hardy who plays villain Bane on the front steps of Gotham City Hall in Pittsburgh, PA on July 31, 2011

At one point in the fight scene Tom Hardy’s pants had a wardrobe malfunction as his whole thigh was showing out of his villain outfit. The scene had hundreds of extras dressed as police men and bad guys fighting. There was also a snow machine on hand blowing onto the scene as they fought.

The guys at Eyeprime got a whole bunch of awesome pictures, it’s well worth checking them out than me being an asshole and copying all of their hard work here instead.

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