James Helsby

Batman to get rebooted? For a Justice League Movie in 2013? WTF.

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Who can argue that Christopher Nolan’s creation of the new Batman universe has been perhaps the greatest superhero series in modern times. But is it ready to be rebooted? Already?

According to the LA Times, care of AICN, yes. From the combination of the two sources, Batman: Dark Knight Rises, (2012) will be the last in Nolan’s Batman trilogy. After the completion of which, Batman will be rebooted yet again, so that DC can create a new Universe and tie everything up with a big knot called Justice League.

Now, call me a sceptic, but seriously this is a horrible speculation. If it turns out to be true, then DC is shooting themselves,… nah… Jumping the Shark. You see, if we are bombarded with different iterations of characters that we love, all it will do is spark comparison and controversy. We (the fans, viewers, and movie patrons) will stop enjoying the singular entities and the audience will become fragmented.

I look towards comics for examples. Not everyone loves each version of a comic series. And while yes Batman might be written, and re-written (or rebooted) numerous times; not every reader loves every version. Movie viewers will be even less likely to enjoy the differences than the comic reader. We viewers have good memories. We wouldn’t have made Batman (Nolan’s) a successful series if it wasn’t…. Good!

Taking that, and rebooting it again, one year after the last movie was released? That just doesn’t seem right. Look for the contiguous universe of Justice League in 2013, and Dark Knight Rises in 2012.


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