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Batman: Bad Blood – Movie Review

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If you’ve ever been to a family reunion and thought it was a terrible idea when things start to fall apart. Try having a Bat-Family first time gathering and see how THAT goes for you.

batman bad blood

Voice Cast:
Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova, Complications), voice of Batman
Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, 24, Astronauts Wives Club), voice of Batwoman
Sean Maher (Serenity/Firefly, Batman vs. Robin), voice of Nightwing
Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights, Aquarius, Grey’s Anatomy), voice of Batwing
Travis Willingham (Sofia the First, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble), voice of The Heretic
Stuart Allan (Batman vs. Robin), voice of Robin

Synopsis: The Gotham City night sky erupts in flames as Batman battles Firefly, Tusk and Killer moth. But when the smoke clears, Batman is missing and the mysterious Batwoman is the only witness to the events. Now with the Bat Signal going unanswered and a city on edge, Nightwing and Robin form an uneasy alliance with Batman and newcomer Batwing. Together, they’ll fight to uncover a sinister plot that involves mind control and a monstrous new villain known only as Heretic,. It’s an all-new, epic chapter from the DC universe that proves that when it comes to Batman, justice truly does run in the family!

Batman: Bad Blood has a lot of positives going for it. First and foremost being that it is very, very action motivated. That gets no complaints from me, WB and DC Comics have animated movies down to a science at this point. The scenes are clear and crisp, the animation is so well drawn that everything practically pops on the screen.


The story boils down to this, so that I don’t ruin anything for you. Batman has gone missing, a strange new foe has been rallying the criminal underworld under his banner and taken Batman with him for a little…joyful experience. It’s up to Dick Grayson (Nightwing) to wear the bat suit and find out just what the heck is going on. He’s joined by Batwoman, Batwing and Robin as they try to find a balance first with each others company, and then try to figure out how to actually get something done as a team. Alfred helps too, good ol’ Alfred.

Bad Blood has a good story for both those of us that have been watching every one of the latest animated movies and those who are just jumping in for starters. That’s the good thing about these films, you can start at any point and it is enough that makes you want to visit the previous films. I had a lot of fun watching this movie, it was action packed, the story was easy to follow, though Nightwing’s introduction felt a little forced and I loved all the voice work. If you’re a regular fan of the WB/DC Comics animated movies, Batman: Bad Blood is a good addition to your collection as any of the others! You can get it on Amazon for $16.99 right now.








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