Alan Smithee

Barry Burton in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

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Rebecca Chambers too, and I can already hear the internet swelling with titillation. I can’t wait to get the DLC for myself just so I can recreate one of the best mp3s that I randomly came across during the Napster years. It’s going to be so awesome to hear the same stale Jill-sandwich line over and over and over again across the internet, while they forget that Rebecca had plenty of horrible lines in the first game as well.

When Capcom releases the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 will be hitting the stores this March, they’re also going to have the DLC available the same day for current owners of the game so we call all play Mercenaries Reunion together like one big happy family. With how the latest version of the game scoring a near perfect from Famitsu, I think we all need to sit up and pay attention.

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