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Bar Karma First Impressions: Demonization and Trepanation

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Earlier this week, I wrote about an ambitious little show called Bar Karma. Friday, the second and third episodes were aired on Current TV. Unfortunately the show’s clever concept was not enough to make it anything other than a lukewarm debut.

In the first of the two episodes, we are given the tale of a comic book writer whose unfinished comic will cause widespread anarcho-terrorism throughout the United States. How will it do this? It’ll get turned into a video game, how else? The plot for this episode, entitled “Once Upon a Timeline”, is so completely ridiculous that it goes past Big Bang Theory levels of offensive and skips directly to CSI:Miami tier. Never once in the episode is it explained why a video game incites all of its players to riot against the government. I guess they just expected it was self-explanatory. This is just poor writing, and it’s hard to tell how much of that can be blamed on the show’s “co-writers”, the people who submitted their ideas to be put in the show. Either way, there has to be some sort of filter, or I’m sure the internet could have come up with something a lot more offensive than this.

My face when Bar Karma.

It’s too bad that the second episode left such a bad taste in my mouth, because the third really wasn’t all that bad. A famous actress who is about to undergo trepanation, a process by which a hole is drilled in the middle of your forehead to “open your third eye”, finds her way into Bar Karma, and the Karma Krew (Yes, that is what I’m going to call them) have to talk her out of it and get her to reconcile with her wayward son. I say it wasn’t all that bad, but that’s being pretty generous. Besides James, the bartender, the acting is pretty bad. Doug, who seemed like he would be the smooth talking cool guy ends up just screaming all of his lines at everyone and Dayna does nothing to sway my accusation that she is only on the show because she has boobs and a cool accent.

If I could think of anything positive to say about the show, it would be that I really like the opening. Too bad it’s just the yummy icing on a shitty cake. I can’t possibly suggest this show to anyone, but for the sake of thoroughness and out of just plain boredom, I’ll make like a Canadian and keep watching this abortion.

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