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Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury – Trailer [UPDATE!]

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Holy crap, I had no clue they were making an Xbox 360 exclusive of one of my favorite bullet-hell games.

I can forgive you if you’ve never seen Bangai-O before, it wasn’t one of Treasure’s (makers of fine bullet-hell game series) most well known games, but after seeing this trailer today…there are no more excuses. The game first got on its feet back in the ol’ N64 days but the version we’ll be getting is full on HD with 100+ levels of insanity. Oh did I mention that there’s a level editor included as well?

Bangai-O HD is set for a later this spring May 4th release date through Xbox Live Arcade. No word as to what it will cost. If I had to say, this will most likely be a $15 game (1200 moon points), The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points which is an even bigger steal.

[Thanks to D3 Publisher for the update!]

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