Bama trash talk? Puhhhh-lease.

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Oh man. Here we go. It’s not even September and people are rolling out the trash talk already. First of all watch this video, then read my reply after the jump to this otherwise retarded rant.

Wow, this guy really knows his football huh? He gave a lot of good reasons why he believes Bama is better than my beloved Men of the Orange. Well Mr. Bama-Man, here are a few things to think about when it comes to your football team.

1. How does the words “Crimson Tide” and your mascot go together?? What the fuck does an elephant have to do with the Redneck capital of the world??

2. Bear Bryant. Yes he won a lot of championships in his tenure as your coach and yes he is one of the greatest coaches in college football history. But guess what guys? He’s fucking dead. Been dead for over 20 years. So please, once and for all shut up about your football hero. Besides you might want to concentrate on the current fuck-up of a coach you have.

3. Alabama fans apparently don’t know how to count. You have won 11 championships, not 12. Really goes to show the education quality of that fine state. (The guy in the video is a prime example.)

I could go on, but there are plenty of websites that you can google to see the stupidity of Alabama. So I will leave you with these last two videos to enjoy.

Oh man, that last one just cracks me up everytime.

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