Baltimore the Plague Ships #3 (of 5)

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The previous issue takes place on a boat as “our hero” sails after his foe, he gives Vanessa(and us) back story as to why he- Lord Baltimore- is hunting vampires. As this issue opens their ship is floundering in a storm, and eventually capsizes. Baltimore and Vanessa are washed ashore on an island ominously referred to as The Furiani Graveyard. As they explore the island further they discover several capsized submarines and … one plague ship (keep in mind that in the context of the story the plague is vampirism). A fungus is on the ground that trails from a submarine into the plague ship. As Baltimore looks inside he sees the fungus originates in coffin, just as this happens all the corpses on the plague ship return to life. Baltimore quickly dispatches them; however he now seems to be facing much bigger problems.

What can I say? I love Mignola, and I love this series. I think Ben Steinbeck’s minimalist art work is excellent. With the vampire zombies it is a very seasonal book, so why don’t you pick it up?

Wont you please drink the Mignola Kool-aid with me?

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