Baltimore: The Curse Bells #1

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The year is 1916, more then a year after the plague, brought the great war to an end, but at a cost… the war has awoken great evil and it grows everyday.

Sounds good right? I hope you would agree.

After reading Baltimore: The Curse Bells #1 you are left wondering a lot about the past but also the future of this story arc. What more could you ask for in the first issue other then one guy going on a hunt, a hunt for one guy. Only after one thing revenge. He must kill this vampire that killed his life.

It starts with a bit of a back story explaining why Baltimore is on a revenge hunt (his reasons are fair and just) of this one vampire named Haigus. There is a strong story here and the future issues will have a deep story line I believe and hope. There’s action, vampire killing, blood everywhere it’s some gruesome stuff. The art work is great but not the masterful but still great, detail where needed after all with a story like this who needs Leonardo da Vinci art work.


My hat goes off to Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden the writers, they have left me wanting more. I want to know everything I can about Baltimore and his hatred for Haigus. I would also like to say after rereading and rereading it the artwork by Ben Stenbeck has grown on me so much. His choice in dark pallets of colors is nice for this kind of story, as it is a dark story line.

Guess we gotta wait till next issue to find out more.

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