Ryan Thomason

Bad Universe, New Show on Discovery Channel

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I have to thank Lessa for letting me know about this on the WPR FORUM. I love SCIENCE!, Space, and all the things that come with it, this new show coming up on Sunday. August 29th should help fill that void. What exactly is it though?

According to Discovery Channel. The Universe is a dangerous place, we’ve allowed too many facts to be played around with and we are usually wrong, very, very wrong. The Universe kills people who are wrong. Ok, they didn’t really say that last part, but I added it for flavor. Phil Plait will be hosting it, an apparent ‘Alpha Nerd’ with a PhD in Astronomy. He’s going to show the real science behind the mysteries of our planet, solar system, and ‘Bad Universe’ we live in. Is this going to be Mythbusters for the Space Geek crowd? Take a look at the sneak peak, I’m curious and will be giving it a shot. I’ll keep you informed on what I think after this Sunday.

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