Alan Smithee

Bad News TMNT Fans…

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horror movie makers in my TMNT? Yes Please!Have you ever heard of a production studio called Platinum Dunes? No? Well I’m not terribly surprised, but there’s only one name you need to associate with these guys to fill you with one of the following emotions:

A) Hapiness
B) Dread
C) Concern

And that name ladies and gentlemen…is Michael Bay.

That’s right Turtles fans, one of the three people that makes up Platinum Dunes productions is none other than ol’ splosion pants himself. Seeing how he’s taken the Transformers series and turned it into a madly successful venture that just seems to print money. I wonder if these guys could do the same for the floundering TMNT franchise?

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the CG movie that came out a few years back, but since then…they really haven’t done much with the series, and I’d love to have it make a comeback…with or without Michael Bay, yeah. I said it. I think he could do alright by this series.

Say what you will about the Tranformers live-action movies, but they both got me buying toys again and put my ass in the seats in the theatre. I’m sold, because at the very least he makes great action movies, and Ninja Turtles should be creatures of action.


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